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  • Super MultiVerse is an integrated media organization which provides global media entertainment in the form of original and innovative content aimed towards one of the top concentrations of Men ages 18-34.

    Our site primarily focuses on the Video Game Industry with content also placing emphasis on Toys & Action Figures, Comic Books, Anime, Pop Culture and Professional Wrestling.

    Not only do we offer News, Reviews, Previews, and Cheats, but Super MultiVerse establishes itself as a class apart from competing sites, by conducting live gaming events multiple times per year, plus our innovative "Game With Fame" experience which gives our site goers from different cities, the opportunity to not only meet, but also play a few rounds of a video game with their favorite Celebrities, up close and in person.

    Super MultiVerse adds a new twist on Gaming and Pop Culture News with our one of a kind video segments which include our lovely ViXenS conducting all of the latest news either in revealing lingerie or swim wear.

    Our Online Store boasts tons of Video Game and pop culture Merchandise including T-Shirts, Outerwear, Figures, Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts and a large selection of Retro Video Games, Consoles and Accessories. We've even set up shop on Etsy where we primarily produce Sticker products to provide a further outlet for effective sales and communication with our consumers.

    Further cementing our status as a unique media juggernaut, Super MultiVerse will often give away tons of the latest video games, action figures, comics, movies and next-gen consoles absolutely free.

    Super MultiVerse is the ultimate online eXperience for geeks across the globe. We are your Number One Resource for all things Nerdy and the Lovely Ladies who support the Nerdy Movement - our ViXenS.

    Welcome to our innovative NEW MultiVerse! An eXperience, unlike any other!

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